Shah Law Chambers Gives the Best Service

We are a friendly and professional law firm with the expertise you need to get the right result.

We take pride in the quality of the work and assistance we provide which is demonstrated by our very high success rates.

Our criminal defence team is committed to assisting those disadvantaged by poverty, discrimination, racism or abuse of state power.

Problems such as divorce, separation, domestic abuse, and issues in relation to child custody are inevitably distressing and confusing.

Many individuals and businesses find themselves, at times, involved in a dispute that cannot be resolved without legal support.

When problems or difficulties arise in the course of your employment, we can help you to move forward and get the right result.

Wills and probate are important.  Your Will needs to reflect your current wishes and make clear who inherits what.  We can help.

Personal injury can have a dramatic and sometimes life changing impact for the individual and their family.  We will support you.


If you have been a victim of a crime and injured, you may be entitled to compensation.  Contact us today to see if you can claim.  

Prison law protects the rights of prisoners.  We are experts in the fields of public law, police actions, extraditions and prison law.

We advise charities and other not for profit organisations on a regular basis. Our clients include charities that are varied in size, constitutional structure and area of operation.

Shah Law Chambers are extradition solicitors with a department dedicated to this specialist area of law.  It is important that you act fast, so contact  us today.  

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