Legal Services for Charities and Non-Profits

We advise charities and other not for profit organizations to reach the best possible outcome on a regular basis. We are proud to mention that our clientage includes but not limited to, charities of various different sizes, constitutional structures and area of operation.

Our services to such charities and organizations are as follows:

Advice on Constitution and Structure of the Charity/span>

We can offer specialist advice in relation to the governing document of the Charity/Organisations be it the Constitution or Articles of Association. We take pride in assisting charities to select the most prudent structure to suit their particular needs and aspirations. Our advice is tailor made to each charity. We take into consideration the size of the charity, the purpose and anticipated method of membership of the charity when providing our services.

Formation of charities and registration with the Charity Commission:

Advice on Constitution and Structure of the Charity

We can assist in drafting the Charity’s constitution and welcome registering your organisation with the Charity Commission as per the regulations.

Compliance with regulations and Charity Commission

We can offer ongoing support to ensure compliance with the Charity law and regulations. We also correspond with the Charity Commission on your behalf to ensure effective operation and prevent breach of regulations.

Changing the Structure of the Charity:

We offer advice and assistance for incorporation of unincorporated charities into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) or a Charitable Company limited by guarantee. You will be advised about the procedure and benefits of such incorporation. We can also assist in transferring the charity assets and liabilities in the Charity’s own name once the incorporation is complete.

Charity Litigation and Dispute Resolution:

We have a strong reputation in representing Charities in the High Court of Justice and can successfully litigate on your behalf against an individual, company, charity or another organisation. Our services include but is not limited to commencing proceedings on your behalf or defending a claim which may have been brought against you. We accept instructions at any stage of the proceedings and are open to helping in any way that we can. We can also offer means of dispute resolution for disputes within the charity or with another party.

Our main priority is to ensure the smooth running of your charity, this is a principle that is at the heart of everything we do.

Appeal against dismissals

We can offer assistance in appealing against dismissals of employees or trustees of a charity.

Seizure or Confiscation of Funds

We can advise charities or individual trustees in respect of cash seizure or confiscation and help retrieve your funds from the authorities.

Interview under Caution

Please be advised that in any event that the authorities suspect any non-compliance, they may invite you for an interview under caution. Nonetheless, have peace of mind that we can successfully represent you at such interviews and advise you thoroughly in respect of the implications of the outcome.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and we can offer assistance with any issues that pose your charity in its course of operation

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