Mr. Manzoor Ahmad Shah

Solicitor Principal BSC,
LLB (Hons), Shariah & Law

Mrs. Lubna Sabri

Consultant, Property Solicitor

Mr. Naseer Ahmed Shah

Associate Solicitor

Mr Tanweer Mohammed

LLB (Hons) (Paralegal)

Ms Zahra Hanif

Part-time consultant

Mr. Burhan Malik

Trainee Solicitor

Mr Neil Blackaby


Our team is very dedicated, efficient and are known for our commitment. We are always keen to meet clients to ensure that they get highest quality service. A strong office relies on a strong team.

Neil Blackaby is a very experienced Magistrates’ Court advocate with more than 10 years experience since his qualification as a Solicitor in 2005, he regularly cover all types of hearings in the Magistrates’ Court and has been conducting trial advocacy on a regular basis for more than 10 years.

Notable highlights from trial advocacy include the following;

R – v – NC, Romford Magistrates Court, November, 2012, Securing one of the first acquittals for the new offence of squatting under s.144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act, following a succesful half time submission

R- v – GK, Hertford Youth Court, April 2012, Securing an aquittal for a client accused of a section 547 Education Act 1996 offence, succesful half time submission that the defandant was not present at the school without lawful authority, as he had not been excluded because the requisite procedure had not been followed to exclude him from his place of education.

R- v – KG, Stratford Magistrates’ Court, Securing an aquittal for a client charged with Possession with Intent of Cannabis, acquittal was secured following legal arugment under section 78 of PACE 1984, to exclude evidence of admissions made to police officers following client’s arrest.

R – v – GS, Croydon Magistrates’ Court, January 2016, identifying that thepolice had not followed the correct procedure when sending a specimen of blood for analysis for a charge of driving whilst over the presribed limit of drugs, identifying this issue allowed written representations to be made that led to the prosecution offering no evidence in respect of this offence.

R – v – RJ, Stevenage Magistrates’ Court, March 2016, securing the client’s aquittal as the CPS offered no evidence on the day of trial, the case involved submission of legal argument under both sections 76 and 78 of PACE 1984, to exclude the evidence of client’s admissions in police interview.

We cover areas in Brent, Wembley, Neasden, Watford, Harrow and London UK.

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