Wills & Probate

The Cost of Dying Intestate

This isn’t necessarily so. And don’t forget – it’s not just about the possessions, assets, and cash that you leave behind. It’s about the debts and the payments too. They don’t stop being owed just because you’ve passed away. And if your next of kin gets everything, they’ll get that too.

Firstly, when someone dies without a Will they must hire an expert probate lawyer to deal with probate. All banks and utility companies need to be contacted and, if family members are up for doing this themselves, they can save a fair bit of money – but it’s an emotional thing to have to do.

There may be demands from Utility, credit card companies and the likes of non-payment. At this point, the only way to deter some companies is to pay what is owed, which could be hundreds or thousands of pounds. This may in essence, be a tangible cost on top of the emotional upheaval. At least the court case will be dropped.

Now, what about the mortgage? Mortgage companies cannot correcspondent with anyone about specific cases. In order to make any changes you will need to be an administrator (requiring a grant of administration, which allows a living person to act on the behalf of a dead person). Without a will this process may take a considerable amount of time and during which late payments and penalties may stack up. Even if you are able to make the mortgage company aware of what has happened, they may still make on their system and send out repossession letters, which is frightening and unnecessary.

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