We take pride in the quality of the work and assistance we provide to our client’s, which is demonstrated by our very high success rate achieved in the cases that we take on. Our dedicated Immigration Team routinely assist clients on a full spectrum of immigration law on a daily basis.

Our solicitor, Mr Manzoor Ahmad Shah, has substantial experience and in-depth knowledge of UK Immigration Laws and procedures to advise and represent clients in all aspects of immigration law, EU Regulations relating to migrants in the UK and Citizenship and Nationality Law.

We are happy to assist our private clients in relocating and settling in the UK, EEA applications, Leave to Remain applications under Tier 1, 2, 4, 5 and applications under the current Points-Based System, applications for Indefinite Leave to Remain, Nationality matters, applications for registration as British nationals, passport applications, as well as helping clients with more complex issues should they arise. We advise on cases across the entire spectrum of Private Client UK immigration law and are well-versed in helping individuals throughout the whole preparation and application process.

We are dedicated to assisting our Corporate Clients in all areas of corporate immigration, from gaining Sponsor Licences to recruitment advice and avoiding criminal and civil penalties. We assist our corporate clients with advice on all issues pertaining to running a business in compliance with current immigration laws and hiring and maintaining migrant workers and represented corporate clients in their challenges to penalties imposed by Home Office for employing illegal workers.

Shah Law Chambers is committed to protecting the rights to liberty and to ensure that those unlawfully deprived of their liberties are represented. We have dealt with complex and unique cases, including refusals from the Home Office, asylum claims, Human Rights applications, extradition, sanctions, Deportation Orders and Immigration Detention. These cases require a deep and thorough understanding of UK Immigration Law and Criminal Law. We have successfully challenged Home Office decisions at the First Tier Tribunal and the Upper Tribunal, through complex appeals, Judicial Reviews and Administrative Review.

The Principal, Mr Shah, is assisted by a dedicated Immigration team, who will help you in all privately funded matters. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to assist you under Legal Aid for Immigration cases.

We assist in immigration matters on a fixed fee or an hourly rate basis. The fee is based on the type of work that is required and the complexity of the case on hand.

The following table will explain our fee structure regarding most Immigration matters:

 Tier 1

 From £5,000.00

 Tier 2, 3, 4 and 5

 From £1,500.00

 Family and Private Life applications

 From £1,000.00

 Entry Clearance (visitor, spouse, partner, child, etc)

 From £1,000.00

 Appeal to First Tier Tribunal

 From £1,500.00

 Permission to appeal to First Tier Tribunal or Upper Tribunal

 From £750.00

 Pre-Action Protocol stage

 From £750.00

Judicial Review Stage

 Hourly rate chargeable (costs can range from   £5,000 to £15,000, depending on complexity of   case)

Please note that the above figures are an estimation of our costs for general immigration matters under the respective categories and may increase due to the complexities of the case on hand. 

In the case of multiple applicants and/or dependents, we will amend the fees accordingly. You will be advised as to the total fees due upon instruction. 

Please note the above fees include taking instructions from you, advising you as to the merits of your case and what you will be required to provide, preparing the applications, drafting your statements (if required), making representations in support of your matter and submitting the application to the Home Office or the Tribunal. Our fees will include any and all follow up correspondence up to a decision that is directly related to the case on hand. 

There may be Home Office fees, court fees, barrister fees and Immigration Health Surcharge fees payable. The amount will vary on a case by case basis and you will be advised as to what the fees will be prior to the submission of the application, so that you are fully aware of any current and on-going costs that you need to be prepared for.

We follow Home Office guidance for the completion of an immigration application. The Home Office standard service times are currently 6 months. However, if your case is complicated, it may take longer.

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