Mediation & Dispute resolution

Civil and Commercial Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution:

Mr Shah is a qualified and accredited mediator and is a member of the civil mediation council. He is a trained civil and commercial mediator who assists clients in communicating effectively in commercial disputes ensuring that all issues in the dispute are addressed. As a mediator, Mr Shah takes pride in utilizing a sympathetic, fair and practical approach to help both sides reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion.


Mr Shah strongly believes that mediation should be used to negotiate an impartial and commercially viable outcome between individual organisations at an early stage of a dispute. Consequently, avoiding extensive legal proceedings which have the potential to be costly.


In practice, Mr Shah recognises that parties may wish to maintain cordial business relations. He facilitates this by offering the parties the opportunity to agree to Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). Here Mr Shah as a neutral evaluator will give a non-binding opinion about the issues in dispute with the intention to offer insight and direction to both parties.


Conventionally, a mediation will commence over the span of a full day or half a day. However, Mr Shah offers a mediation service which is flexible and tailored to the clients’ individual circumstances. As such Mr Shah appreciates that it may be more appropriate for mediation to commence in small stages over several weeks.


Our fees are traditionally calculated on the basis of the hours taken for the mediation. However, we can offer a fixed fee where appropriate.


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